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These photos are courtesy of Steven P. Breaux - aka Bro"

Served in the "Tac-Sat" at the 81st USAFAD from November 1986 to May 1989

Here's a picture of John Parrott & Patrick Sullivan at the CQ Desk. I fondly recall walking back from zum Meik's with them one evening after a game of darts, during which Parrott tried to recall the names of every John Wayne movie in which the Duke gets killed. As we rounded the curve near the conex storage, he exclaimed "Oh Gosh! I forgot, he gets killed in "The Alamo." Sullivan and I gave him alot of grief for that - a Texan forgetting the Alamo...

Here's a collage of one of our infamous G.I. Parties, I assume taken sometime during the winter of 1988/89, as everyone has their sleeves down - and I owe a special debt of gratitude to each of these guys: To Hankerson - I'm not sure if he's a Sgt, Spc, or PFC in this shot - but everyone in Tac-Sat owes him alot. I'm sure he was under pressure to keep us in line (Uhhhhhhhh, can't you do something to calm your men down? And what's Breaux unhappy about now?), but he was cool, even when we all ended up outranking him. To Sobkibiak - if that's even how he spells his name. He became my roomie after Nielson left, and it was a huge improvement. He convinced me to learn how to ski, which became a passion for me - a big leap from the bookworm I was when we met. To Williams - he and Terri invited me to visit them in L.A. after we all ETSed, and I ended up moving in with them for a couple of months in the summer of 1989. My entire life is different because they were graceous enough to invite me into their home. To Burnett - a best friend in Hell, and a very close friend ever since. He's currently a 1LT and the C.O. of the 22nd Trans. Det., 57th Trans. Bn. at Fort Lewis, WA. Thanks, guys

Here's a shot with alot of familiar faces, taken in the spring/summer of 1988. Awsome athlete that I was, I became official team photographer and AUV driver.

Here's an inspiring image taken of Bil Wise and Steven Breaux on a trip to the East German boarder, with me on the right paying my respects to communism. The Group S2 eventually heard about it, and asked to see it during one of his comsec inspection visits. Even though this was before the end of the Cold War and we could have gotten in trouble for even making an unauthorized boarder visit, he simply laughed.

PFC/SPC John Burnett of Tac-Sat and SSG Besaw, 13B sending a message downrange, circa 1988.

Attached is an jpg image of a sketch done by Elisse Stein - aka Ms. Sgt Profile - of a scene in Zum Meik's. It was given to me as a gift, and I'm proud to share it with you all.

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